Do you long for a deeper connection with the destination you visit? Yearn for thought-provoking and humanitarian and conservation related experiences? Do you want to discover new places, foreign and indigenous cultures and customs?

With Animal Fair, you get to play in the jungle with Bonobos, walk in the mountains of Thailand with majestic Elephants and watch Macaws fly freely in the Peruvian sky!

As part of Wendy Diamond’s personal mission to help endangered animals throughout the world, Animal Fair’s past trips have included Peru, Belize, Panama and Thailand. Our mission is to raise awareness and facilitate a heightened understanding of issues like human/wildlife conflict and species endangerment and we believe that traveling powers positive change in the world!

In Peru, we visited the southeastern Peru rainforest, where Dr. Donald Brightsmith runs the Tambopata Macaw Project. The Macaw Project’s first purpose is to study the biology of the wonderful Macaws of the Tambopata jungle, a unique forest environment, with the highest concentrations of avian clay licks in the world. The experience of hundreds of macaws at a clay lick, where the birds feed on to get nutrients is one of the world's bird lovers highlights! The project has a special interest in macaws hand-reared by researchers which allows for visitors to have a unique experience with tamed Macaws!

In Belize, we joined Sharon Matola, founder of the Belize Zoo – the only one in the country – in her efforts to save the endangered Jaguar and educate Belize’s inhabitants on their country’s wildlife. At the Belize Zoo, there are no indoor exhibits and all animals are freely left in their natural habitats.  Belize is also home to many historic Mayan sites and the local descendants keep the Mayan culture alive, centuries after the fall of their empire. In Belize, you can explore the ruins built by this great civilization, unravel the mysteries of their religion, and feel the weight of history that lingers in its lost cities.

Our journey to Panama, home to unprecedented beaches, led us on a tour with Embera Village Tour where we took in the true Panama culture. We lived, celebrated, shopped, ate, and trekked through the jungle and down the Chagres River with the Embera Tribe, one of seven Panamanian Amerindian populations. Experiencing life at Embera is an unreal reminder of how futile our everyday “luxuries” and modern distractions are. It is a reminder to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have and who is around you.

In Thailand, we met Elephant whisperer Lek Chailert, from the Elephant Nature Park, who has dedicated her life to save Thailand’s symbol animal. The sanctuary rescues elephants from street begging, logging or tourism and heals their mental and physical scars. The incredible Lek Chailert also treats tribal villagers and their families with medical care and often donates clothing. Hiking in the mountains with these docile giants, nursing them back to health, and bathing with them in the river is truly a life-changing experience!

Our journeys are cultural adventures that go beyond the bounds of traditional tourism as you visit incredible non-profits that we support and are enriched by the amazing people you meet, from political and business leaders, nature and animal advocates! You will get to experience indigenous people’s everyday life, share their meals, and learn their language and traditions.


Our travels focus on endangered animals and the conservation efforts made by our favorite organizations! Animal Fair is committed to eco-friendly and responsible travel, as well as helping those who accompany us on our trips to make a personal connection to the place we visit and the people we meet. You will help us save some of the world’s most extraordinary animals for future generations.

Included highlights:


§  A week of an Animal Fair hosted learning journey

§  Discover local traditional cultures, learn their customs and broaden your horizon

§  See wonderful wildlife in their natural habitat

§  Meet political and business leaders, as well as the foundations we help

§  Help us raise awareness on the situation of endangered wildlife

§  Give back to Mother Nature what has selflessly been given to us for so long

§  Ally the pleasure of going on vacations and the satisfaction of helping an endangered species.

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